Waukegan teacher suspended, accused of possessing child pornography

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As we mentioned last week on our Lake County criminal defense law blog, sex crime allegations have the potential to negatively impact many different aspects of one’s life. Sex crime allegations may certainly result in severe legal consequences, but sex crime allegations may also destroy reputations, careers and personal relationships, even before an individual has the chance to defend such allegations.

Just last week, a high school teacher in Waukegan was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography on his personal computer at home. He has been charged with three counts of possession of child pornography, and even though he has not yet had a chance to defend his case in court, the teacher has already been suspended from his job since he works with minors. If the high school teacher is convicted of the charges, the man will lose his job.

According to reports, the high school teacher was arrested after someone had notified police that the teacher had child pornography on his personal home computer. Police conducted a one-month investigation before arresting the teacher. Reports have not stated who had notified police about the alleged offense.

When police arrested the teacher, they confiscated several of his personal belongings. Police said they took computer towers, hard drives, a laptop and several other items that may contain child pornography. Investigators will search these items and additional items belonging to the high school for any evidence that may be related to the case.

In addition to potentially losing his job, the man could also face a prison sentence if he is convicted of the charges. Another consequence may include registering as a sex offender, which carries additional penalties in Illinois.

Sex crime allegations have the potential to destroy lives, even when the allegations are not true. When facing sex crime allegations, folks should consider working with an attorney who will stand by their side and protect their rights during criminal investigations and proceedings.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Waukegan High School Teacher Arrested For Child Porn, Suspended,” Rob Roberts, Feb. 6, 2013

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Waukegan teacher suspended, accused of possessing child pornography