What Happens During a DUI Arrest

<p>DUI arrests in Chicago follow the same general format.</p>
<p>If you’ve never been arrested or were too drunk to remember what the DUI arrest process was, here is a <a title=”Illinois DUI Fact Book ” href=”http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/publications/pdf_publications/dsd_a118.pdf” target=”_blank”>chronology of a typical DUI arrest</a>.</p>
<li><b>Initial Stop.</b> An officer stops the vehicle for probable cause, reasonable suspicion, unusual operation, or at a sobriety checkpoint.</li><br />
<li><b>License and Registration.</b> The officer will observe the driver and typically request to see a copy of your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card.</li><br />
<li><b>Field Sobriety Test.</b> If the officer suspects the driver is under the influence, the driver may be asked to submit to a series of field sobriety tests.</li><br />
<li><b>Release.</b> If the officer does not believe the driver is under the influence of alcohol, the officer will release the driver with any applicable violations besides the DUI.</li><br />
<li><b>Arrest.</b> If the officer has probable cause based on field sobriety tests that a driver is drunk, the officer will place the driver under arrest and take the driver to the police station. The driver may also be asked to submit to a chemical test of breath, urine, or blood.</li><br />
<li><b>Statutory Suspensions.</b> If a driver’s blood alcohol level is less than 0.08% and there are no drugs found in her system, the <a title=”Summary Suspension” href=”http://chicagolegalauthority.com/dui/summary-suspension/” target=”_blank”>statutory summary suspension</a> will not apply. If the driver refuses to submit to testing, fails to complete a test, or has a BAC above 0.08%, then the statutory summary suspension will apply. </li><br />
<li><b>Driver’s License.</b> If the driver’s license is valid, a receipt will be issued allowing driving for 45 days.</li><br />
<li><b>Additional Testing.</b> A driver may obtain additional testing at her own expense, and the driver can use these results in court for her defense.</li><br />
<li><b>Posting Bond.</b> The driver may be taken into custody and detained. The driver may have an opportunity to post bond and be released from custody. </li><br />
<li><b>Vehicle Impoundment.</b> While you are in custody, the authorities may impound your car.</li></ol></blockquote>
<p>Following a DUI arrest, you may face criminal charges and the prospects of a criminal trial. Contact an experienced <a title=”Find a Lawyer” href=”http://chicagolegalauthority.com/dui/attorneys/” target=”_blank”>DUI attorney</a> if you have any questions.</p>
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