2012’s Most Popular Family Law Posts (Part II of II)

William Peacock, Esq.

Criminal lawyers deal with crime. Employment lawyers deal with jobs.

What do family lawyers deal with? Divorce, prenuptial agreements, child abuse, retirement planning, contracts, and a number of other fields.

The second half of our 10 most popular posts of 2012 (the first five can be found here) cover the gauntlet of family legal issues, from a woman’s role in the household to celebrity child custody disputes.

6. Divorce-Probability Study: It’s the Woman’s Job to Cook and Clean

We didn’t say it, the Norwegians did. A study conducted in Norway found that in relationships where men and women split chores equally, the divorce rate was 50 percent higher than in couples where the woman handled everything herself. There are many explanations posited for the statistic. Women in the “modern” 50/50 couples were more educated and financially independent, which makes divorce a feasible option. The study’s author thought that the clearly defined roles simply reduced quarrels over the division of duties.

7. Russell Crowe Divorce: Prenup Limits Wife to $25 Mill ‘Pittance’

$25 million is a pittance? Kind of makes you rethink buying that “Robin Hood” DVD, doesn’t it? (Kidding. You already regret that purchase). Crowe has earned over $150 million from films, has at least $50 million in real estate, and has a number of films on the way to the clearance bin. That means for his ex-wife, the millions provided by the couple’s prenuptial agreement really is a pittance.

8. The Worst Idea Ever? A Consource

Some would say that nothing ever said by Fox News is intelligent. This certainly wasn’t. One expert recommended an idea for avoiding the cost and disruption of divorce: the consource! The two spouses end their physical relationship but stay platonic friends and continue to cohabitate. The reasons for this being a terrible, terrible idea are obvious, but if you want to read the full rant, and the legal ramifications, follow the link.

9. Halle Berry Loses Legal Fight to Move Daughter to Paris

Berry moved on to a new man and wanted to move to a new country with her daughter. Why did the court deny the soon-to-be Parisian parent? International joint custody is, in a pragmatic sense, nearly impossible. A child can’t be flown back and forth every weekend. Her relationship with her father would likely suffer if the move was made. Plus, both parents are legally able to live in the United States, so the move isn’t out of necessity.

10. Air-Tight Prenup Saves Ruben Studdard from Costly Divorce

If you thought Crowe got off easy, see the results of Ruben Studdard’s divorce. Granted, he’s worth way less, but his ex-wife will be leaving with a few thousand dollars and her seven-year-old BMW. Studdard even got to keep the engagement ring.

And so ends our journey through divorce, custody, and odd living arrangements. In 2013, the big changes in family law could very well come from either Illinois’ attempt to legalize gay marriage or the Supreme Court’s cases which deal with the same matter. Stay tuned.

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2012’s Most Popular Family Law Posts (Part II of II)