Adoption without father’s knowledge leads to $130M lawsuit

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Although Chicago is quite a far distance from Utah, this story about a young unwed father trying to get custody of his biological son could be of interest for residents of the area. He has recently filed a federal lawsuit for $130 million against the boy’s biological mother after she allegedly put the baby up for adoption without him knowing that he had been born yet.

According to court documents obtained by the media, the couple met in 2009, and she gave birth in December 2010 after their relationship had ended. The lawsuit claims that she gave the baby up for adoption the day after his birth without notifying the biological father, although they were allegedly still friendly and communicating throughout the pregnancy. He also claims that he helped her out financially, that they verbally agreed to shared custody and that they had even chosen a name for the baby. However, she planned from the start of the pregnancy to put the baby up for adoption, according to allegations in the lawsuit.

The complaint was filed on Dec. 27 and claims that the baby’s mother, LDS Family Services and the adoptive parents were all involved in a deceit-ridden adoption that was illegal. The father has put up a website to relay messages to his son and help with his fight.

Although in this story, filing for paternity earlier could have established it, the man claims that he didn’t file because he trusted that the mother wouldn’t put his baby boy up for adoption. A family law attorney could help any parent who finds themselves in a child custody situation where they need advice on how to proceed and protect their rights and those of the child.

Source: WHAS, “Dad files $130M suit, alleges son unknowingly put up for adoption“, Aditi Roy, January 02, 2014

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Adoption without father’s knowledge leads to $130M lawsuit