Amicable divorce possible through collaboration

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It is unfortunate that many divorces are fueled by emotion instead of conscious thought. It is certainly understandable that emotions will be all over the place when discussing ending a marriage, but making decisions based solely on emotions can hurt each spouse and their children in the long run. While the idea of an amicable divorce may seem far-fetched, it is possible for couples in Illinois to achieve.

The term “conscious uncoupling” has been made popular by a recent celebrity split, but the concept has actually been around for quite some time. Known as collaborative divorce, this is when couples work to end their marriage in a friendlier way. It gets rid of the winner-loser scenario and helps the couple find common ground, allowing for both spouses to leave the marriage better prepared for their next step in life.

This type of divorce typically includes the use of mediators and financial advisors to ensure all aspects of the settlement are fair for both parties. This includes determining asset division and child custody issues. It provides a neutral place for couples to communicate and negotiate the terms of their divorces.

It is not unreasonable for spouses to be upset during this process. Divorce simply is difficult no matter how it is completed; however, for couples in Illinois who wish to walk away from their marriages amicably, collaborative divorce may be a great alternative to standard litigation. Being open and willing to negotiate can help couples come to final terms feeling satisfied with the outcome, typically in less time than standard divorce proceedings. It can also set the stage for each spouse to move forward on a positive note.

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Amicable divorce possible through collaboration