Avoiding child support obligations can be costly in the end

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The nation’s most wanted delinquent father has been arrested after falling behind more than $1.2 million in child support payments. The arrest comes after authorities searched for the man for almost a decade. While this case is certainly extreme, it should remind Illinois residents that legal consequences can result from the failure to take the proper steps to make a modification or pay child support.

According to sources, the 50-year-old has three children for whom he owes. He was first ordered to pay child support back in 1996, and he apparently earned more than $500,000 from auctioning automobiles.

He is also accused of underreporting his income in order to reduce his weekly child support payment, which was $375 per child.

The man reportedly fled from New York and then to Thailand in order to escape his payment obligations.

Eventually, the father ran afoul of the law for falsifying a foreign passport, at which point he escaped to the Philippines. There he was caught by the Philippines authorities and deported to the United States, where he was taken into custody upon arrival.

Quoted in a news article, the man’s 78-year-old mother characterized his decision to leave the country as a “terrible mistake.”

Indeed, running from child support payments is never a good idea. In these tough economic times, noncustodial parents should use the proper channels to modify their child support agreements. Likewise, custodial parents who are owed child support should be aware of their legal options for enforcing a support order.

Source: The Inquisitr, “Robert Sand, America’s ‘Most Wanted Deadbeat Dad,’ Arrested In Los Angeles,” Dec.19, 2012

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Avoiding child support obligations can be costly in the end