Beware Facebook and Other Social Media During Divorce

Maryam K. Ansari, Esq.

Social media and divorce just don’t mix.

The combination can be lethal for divorce proceedings. It’s fertile ground for incriminating evidence.

A recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 64% of respondents cited as a source of evidence for divorce cases.

That means divorce attorneys are trolling social media websites for information to help their cases.

It’s not just dating websites like Divorce lawyers are also using Facebook to gather evidence for divorce proceedings, reports Boston’s WBZ-TV.

Here are some ways you can play it safe when going online, if you’re currently going through a divorce:

  • Don’t lie about being single. False claims of being single can be considered dishonesty, something that could hurt you in a divorce proceeding. In fact, relationship status is the most common piece of evidence taken from these websites.
  • Don’t lie about not having kids. The same can go for claiming you have no kids, when that’s not the case. Dishonesty could hurt you when the court weighs child custody options.
  • Don’t post pics of your new party life. Photos of you partying it up will come back to bite you, especially if you’re seeking custody of your children.
  • Don’t insult your ex on Twitter or Facebook. It just doesn’t look good to a judge. And in some cases, judges have even ordered a divorcing spouse to apologize on social media after posting insulting comments.
  • Don’t post pics of fancy cars or luxury vacations. When it comes to dividing your assets, Facebook photos and profiles can unwittingly reveal your financial status.

Be careful if you’re going through a divorce, as one silly and reckless mistake can cost you for years. Work closely with a divorce attorney to make sure you don’t make any missteps.

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