Candidate takes heat over past missed child support

With the 2012 election just around the corner, many Joliet residents are ready to see an end to the campaigns. Some candidates are probably as anxious to see the ads end. Negative campaigning has been on full display this cycle, such as that which has embroiled an Illinois candidate who, an ad alleges, failed to make child support payments.

The candidate, an incumbent from the 8th District, was sued by his ex-wife back in 2010. She alleged he owed more than $100,000 in missed child support. The case has since been resolved, although details haven’t been released. It has ignited a firestorm in the context of the heated political campaign.

While most Illinois residents do not have to endure the spotlight that goes with political ambitions, they may face serious penalties for failure to pay child support. Perhaps the most severe penalty is jail time, although this is only a last resort, as it is counterproductive by taking away income from the person who is supposed to be making payments.

Other less restrictive penalties include wage garnishment, withholding tax refunds and seizing property. Whatever the penalty, courts are strict when it comes to enforcing child support.

When a payer falls behind in payments, as was alleged in the case above, it is known as an arrearage. The person is obligated to pay all amounts in arrears. However, on occasion, a person might be able to reduce future payments if there has been a change in circumstances.

Whether you are receiving too little in child support, or paying too much, there are avenues available that can be examined with the help of an experienced family law attorney to make sure that support requirements reflect the realities of existing circumstances.

Source: Daily Herald, “Walsh’s son decries “deadbeat Joe” ad; Duckworth shows no signs of pulling it,” Kerry Lester, Oct. 23, 2012

Candidate takes heat over past missed child support