Candy-heart-sized divorce suggestions

On behalf of Law Offices of KML Associates, Attorneys at Law, Karen M. Lavin, Attorney at Law

Valentine’s Day is coming fast. Its approach can be bittersweet for couples going through a divorce. But divorcing couples should keep their eye on the prize, a new future. To do that, people going through a divorce should keep these phrases in mind.

Get going. Divorce is a time to take action, to get your financial affairs in order. That means locating and copying all of your important financial documents. Keep these copies secure from your soon-to-be ex.

Call me. While assembling your paperwork, you will also want to assemble your team. This could include a lawyer, a divorce financial planner, a therapist, a vocational consultant and a real estate appraiser. Get these professionals lined up soon so that you are not left scrambling at the end for a professional to take the case on short notice.

It’s love . . . not. As the expression goes: Marriage is about love, divorce is about money. The expression oversimplifies, but during a divorce, it is important to separate money issues from love issues and then to prioritize finances. Not doing so can result in a bad financial situation post-divorce.

Be true. Divorce, like all changes, offers an opportunity to reconnect and grow. Examine your values, interests and goals. Establish a framework for making them a reality.

You can. Divorce is hard, but you can get through it. You can leave the divorce process stronger and more confident than you started it.

Illinoisans who follow these candy-heart-sized suggestions will have taken a large step in emerging from their divorce ready to prosper.

Source: Forbes, “Candy ‘Conversation Hearts’ For Divorcing Women on Valentine’s Day,” Jeff Landers, Feb. 11, 2014

Candy-heart-sized divorce suggestions