Captain and Tennille seek divorce

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Illinois fans of ’70s hitmakers The Captain and Tennille may have heard that Cathryn Antionette Tennille filed to end her 38-year marriage to Daryl Dragon. The couple that charmed listeners with songs like “Muskrat Love” and “Love Will Keep Us Together” was headed for divorce, according to their website. Their Internet page alluded to “hidden feelings” being uncovered as the duo “evolved over time” and had them listed as ex-spouses the day that the divorce was announced.

Dragon and Tennille retired to Prescott, AZ in 2008, and it was there that the petition was filed. They have no children, and asked in the filing that their assets and debt be divided equitably. Neither spouse is seeking financial support from the other following the marital dissolution. They had been married since 1975, when their first big song hit the airwaves. Over their career, the duo scored 14 hits on the pop singles chart, half of them reaching the Top 10 in sales. The Captain and Tennille also served as hosts of a variety show.

In recent years, Dragon’s health had declined. A neurological condition kept the former keyboard player at home, unable to play his instrument and embarrassed to be seen in public, according to his estranged wife’s blog. For her part, Tennille recorded promotional spots for the city of Prescott and was active in training Australian shepherd dogs.

In a marriage with no children and little contention over property division, working through divorce legal issues may be simple. For more antagonistic splits involving spousal maintenance, child support or child custody, however, the end of a marriage may be more fraught with legal challenges. An attorney might be of assistance in settling a dispute over alimony, visitation plans or other sensitive areas.

Source: ABC News, “The Captain and Tennille Headed for Divorce“, Felicia Fonseca , January 23, 2014

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Captain and Tennille seek divorce