Co-parenting classes can help children of divorce

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Divorcing parents (as well as parents who have never been married) can benefit from attending co-parenting classes. There are a number of benefits that can be learned and incorporated into parents’ new relationships. Essentially, co-parenting is a partnership that must endure the emotional breakdown of a divorce (or break up). Because of this, many Illinois courts require parents to attend these classes as legal proceedings begin.

Through this post, we will identify a few of the many benefits that can be realized through a parenting class.

Putting kids first – This is arguably the most important aspect of a co-parenting class. Chances are that after the parents’ relationship ended, on parent is set on revenge and will seek to punish the other parent at every available opportunity. Children are the likely vehicle, and vengeful parents may withhold parenting time or manipulate the children into believing false images of the other parent. A parenting class can help parents understand that whatever happened to doom their relationship should not apply to the children.

Communication – In the same vein as healing emotional scars, co-parenting classes help in creating respectful and productive modes of communication. With good communication skills, parents can build the foundation necessary for further planning. This also builds (or in most cases, reinforces) the trust necessary to achieve a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Establishing boundaries and uniformity – Additionally, co-parenting classes help parents understand that each person has their own life (and relationship) with the child, and that the other parent should not interfere. At the same time, parents must work together to create a sense of uniformity that will apply between both households. Uniformity gives children a sense of stability that will greatly in their emotional development.

There are other benefits to parenting classes that we will discuss in future posts. In the meantime, we encourage our readers to send questions.

Source:, ASU offers classes for recently divorced parents to improve children’s well-being, January 31, 2013

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Co-parenting classes can help children of divorce