Collaborative divorce offers Illinois couples a new alternative

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Divorce is often associated with a number of negative stereotypes that have made the process seem nefarious. For most Illinois couples considering divorce there are several amicable ways to go about it. A relatively new concept called collaborative divorce offers families a more cost effective and harmonic approach to reach a settlement.

There are several differences that separate collaborative divorce from a traditional divorce. Typically collaborative divorce is treated more as a business negotiation. It works by placing a couple and their attorneys together in a room in the hopes that they will work positively in a result-focused setting to agree on a settlement that benefits both parties. In most cases collaborative divorce is often quicker and less expensive than traditional divorce plus it doesn’t involve entering a courtroom.

For many families, collaborative divorce is the way to go. It focuses on creating cooperation rather than an aggravation. Statistically it is also more beneficial to children. There are many positives to the process but that does mean that it will work for every couple. There are several cases that cannot be worked out just through the collaborative process.

Collaborative divorce means that the process does not have to be messy. It can be settled in a positive way depending on if both spouses are willing to work together. Illinois families that are considering a divorce should look into the collaborative divorce alternative. The first step is to seek out an attorney that will help determine if the process is right for any couple.

Source: USA Today, “Collaborative divorce offers options to court battles,” Maura AmmenHeuser, March 21, 2013

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Collaborative divorce offers Illinois couples a new alternative