Dads and daughters who play sports together may have stronger relationship

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When unwed parents in Illinois have a child together, the father must request a paternity proceeding in order to gain custody of the child and visitation rights. However, even after a man has established himself as a child’s father, more work is required in order to gain a meaningful relationship with a child.

Researchers at Baylor University conducted a study and found that sports are often a good way for fathers to strengthen their bonds with their daughters. Women who participated in the study said engaging in sports with their fathers had a positive impact on them. They also said they enjoyed the one-on-one time they had with their fathers. Dads who participated in the study said a shared activity with their daughters helped them to communicate better.

Sports are not the only activity fathers and daughters can engage in together. Participants said other activities with their dads, such as participation in church functions, strengthened their relationship.

The relationship between a father and his daughter is an important one. According to a 2011 study, girls who have strong relationships with their fathers tend to engage in less risky sexual behavior.

Despite the two study’s findings, it can be difficult for fathers to establish strong relationships with their daughters, especially fathers who may not be a constant presence in their child’s life. In some cases, family law issues may make it difficult for a father to establish a relationship with their child. In those instances, it may be best for a father to work with an experienced legal professional in order to gain a more significant role in their child’s life.

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Dads and daughters who play sports together may have stronger relationship