Dennis Quaid and wife set to separate, divorce may ensue

Illinois residents may have heard that the wife of actor Dennis Quaid has filed for a separation just months after reversing her choice to file for a divorce. She had changed her mind on the divorce after receiving promises to attempt to reconcile their differences, yet there appears to have been complications. While a separation is different from a divorce because it allows for the two to remain legally married, sources close to the wife say that she will likely be re-filing for divorce soon.

There is little information currently known about the factors in their divorce, but the original divorce filing cited personal conflicts. The two have twins, a boy and a girl, of which the mother will likely seek full custody, providing visitation rights for their father.

While those involved may be more visible than the average family, divorces like this occur frequently. For whatever reasons, some married couples are incapable of resolving the tension or problems in their marriage and see divorce as the best way to solve the problem.

With a divorce comes a series of issues that need to be worked out between the two couples, potentially causing additional conflicts. It is important for those going through a divorce to remember that treating one another fairly and with decency can help divorce proceedings go through without as many complications in issues such as alimony payments, child support or visitation rights.

If there are conflicts and the divorce goes past potential mediation into the courts, these decisions will be made by a judge based on the evidence provided in the hearing. For instance, the custody of the child and amounts of support to be paid will be made based on the needs of the child as well. Alimony can be determined based on several criteria, such as preserving pre-divorce lifestyle. Working with a family law attorney could help an Illinois couple move the process along.

Source: LA Times, “Dennis Quaid divorce back in play; wife files for separation,” Christine D’Zurilla, Oct. 19, 2012

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Dennis Quaid and wife set to separate, divorce may ensue