Divorced and remarried: advice for potential divorcees

While it is a rare occurrence which seems normally relegated to the plots of Hollywood romantic comedies, it does happen in real life that divorced couples will find themselves re-married to each other. According to a recent study, nearly six percent of people who were divorced and remarried ended up remarrying their former spouse. For whatever the reasons, these couples find themselves back together. Sometimes it is with the advantage of hindsight about what caused their marriage to go bad in the first place. Others, however, decided their divorce was for the best.

Divorce can be caused by any number of reasons ranging from infidelity to a lack of communication. One thing that is consistent is that the lessons of these individuals could help those currently struggling through a divorce. Taking some time to look at the problems of a marriage could be enough to help the couple come to terms with their problems. Sometimes, all the couples needed was time to realize their mistakes and rediscover their love for one another.

On the other hand, an overwhelming majority of those in the study appear to have found it best to move on from their relationship into new lives. Divorces regularly happen for couples with legitimately irreconcilable differences, and the best strategy may be to accept that reality and get through the divorce proceedings in as efficient and straight forward a manner as possible.

While a quick divorce proceeding is likely favorable to all parties, there are often issues which complicate the process. For instance, complex property division can cause tension in a divorce proceeding, especially amongst the affluent. How to resolve insurance issues or split bank accounts can be contentious decisions that require assistance from a lawyer and may even need to be settled by a judge in court.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Same marriage, Round 2,” Richard Asa, Oct. 23, 2012

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Divorced and remarried: advice for potential divorcees