Emotions run high in child custody battles

For Illinoisans involved in divorce, the emotional toll is likely well known. When dealing with an issue as potentially divisive as a divorce, sometimes it is hard for individuals to maintain a respectful and calm attitude with one another. When the issue of child custody enters into the debate, the emotions can skyrocket and get completely out of hand. This struggle to maintain civility could not be any more evident than in a story from Rockford where a couple actually became physically aggressive with one another outside a courthouse over the issue of their ongoing child custody case.

According to a reporter on the scene, the two attended a child custody hearing at the Winnebago County Courthouse. Afterwards, they were seen arguing outside, which soon led to a physical fight, joined by at least one other acquaintance and another acquaintance who attempted to break up the fight. It was quickly stopped by police on the scene and three arrests were made.

This story highlights an unfortunate side to the issue of divorce and child custody, in that these types of legal proceedings can be bitter and acrimonious. In scenarios such as this where the lives of children are involved, it is essential to ensure that the child’s welfare comes before almost any other concern.

Yet, when what is in the child’s best interest is not and cannot be mutually agreed upon, it is very likely that the case, like this one, will be decided in a court of law. For any individuals who need to take a child custody battle to court, it is important to know that being well-prepared and bringing a strong case before the judge can often be the deciding factor between favorable and unfavorable results. Also, it is always helpful to at least try and leave one’s acrimonious feelings at home, if possible.

Source: Rockford Register Star, “Brawl over child custody leads to 3 arrests in Rockford,” Chris Green, July 26, 2012

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Emotions run high in child custody battles