Former Bulls’ superstar ordered to pay $500k in child support

One of Illinois’ favorite and most eccentric sports stars is back in the news. Dennis Rodman, a former member of the Chicago Bulls’ championship teams, has been found in contempt of court in connection with child support payments due his ex-wife.

Rodman was sentenced to informal probation, and warned that he could face jail time, if he fails to comply with the child support payments. While the attorney for Rodman’s ex-wife claimed the basketball star owed $850,000 in child support, the parties eventually worked out a support agreement for $500,000. Yet to be determined are custody and visitation issues for the couple’s two minor children, and the parties are attempting to work out an agreement on these matters as well.

Rodman’s case is somewhat typical of the process many couples’ undergo in resolving child support disputes. Parties frequently attempt to work out a support agreement between themselves, often by employing the negotiating skills of their respective attorneys.

For some parties who are unable to resolve the matter on their own, another option is alternative dispute resolution. For instance, through mediation or collaborative family law, parties can work with others outside the court to try to reach an agreement.

Either way, if parties are able to work out the child support issues, they can formalize the agreement in a written settlement agreement. This is then sent to the judge for approval. Thus, by working with an experienced divorce attorney, an individual may be able to work out a child support agreement that contains favorable terms and allows that person to avoid the courtroom dispute.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Ex-Bull Dennis Rodman must pay $500k in child support,” Dec. 7, 2012

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Former Bulls’ superstar ordered to pay $500k in child support