Former Chicago Alderman Ordered to Pay $143K in Back Child Support

Former Chicago alderman Wallace Davis Jr. was ordered to pay $143,837 in back child support after he admitted to being a deadbeat dad. Davis was also sentenced to 30 months probation.

Davis fathered two young girls, now 7 and 8, during a relationship he had with a woman he never married, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

The couple split in 2005, and Davis was ordered to pay child support for the two girls. The 61-year-old father allegedly made sporadic payments, but stopped paying entirely in 2011.

At his criminal trial, Davis admitted to not paying child support for his girls and pleaded guilty to criminal failure to pay child support. While Davis was given 30 months’ probation, he may be taken off probation earlier if he is able to pay the $143,837 in back child support before then, writes the Sun-Times.

Generally, the amount of child support that someone owes depends upon the income of the parent and the number of children at issue. In addition, courts may also consider special factors like the child custody arrangement, special financial needs of the child like medical care, educational costs, and other factors in coming up with its support order.

Failure to pay child support can be a crime. Along with handing down criminal penalties, a judge may also order garnishment of wages and even order a parent to get a job to help pay for child support.

In Davis’ case, the former alderman faces a hefty back child support order and will also have to be on his best behavior given the terms of his probation. If he violates any of the terms of probation, he could find himself facing jail time.

If you have a question about child support and enforcing a child support order, you should contact a Chicago family law firm.

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