Former Congressman wants to stop child support payments

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An attorney representing a former Congressman’s wife has cited unemployment as the reason why the Congressman has not met his child support obligations recently. The former Congressman filed a motion for the termination of child support payments in Cook County Circuit Court, stating that his employment has been terminated and he is not able to earn enough income to meet his current child support obligations. However, the former Congressman has no intention of stopping child support altogether.

The former Congressman lost the newly redrawn 8th District seat in the November elections last year. He is trying to modify the child support payments to 20 percent of his current net income until his youngest son graduates from high school. Under current law, the parent making child support payments can seek modifications due to a change in income. The court records confirm that the former Congressman had been making child support payments amounting to $2,134 regularly until the end of 2012. But, the former Congressman has been back in court in the past for not paying child support on time.

It is important for non-custodial parents to pay child support on time in order to meet the daily expenses and requirements of their children. Many times, child support payments are one of the only sources of income for the custodial parent. A delay in child support payments by the non-custodial parent can create financial hardships for the custodial parent, but non-payment can lead to other problems as well. Under Illinois law, failure to pay child support can lead to imprisonment.

Source: Daily Herald, “Citing job loss, Walsh seeks child support change,” Barbara Vitello, Feb. 11, 2013

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Former Congressman wants to stop child support payments