High-asset lobbyists divorce

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Illinois couples who follow divorce may already know that Tony Podesta and his wife, Heather, married in 2003 and separated last year. Recently, he filed for divorce in superior court saying his wife misled and embarrassed him. Neither his wife nor her attorneys have replied to his accusations at this time.

Well-known as a lobbyist in the nation’s capital and an art collector, Podesta claims his wife misled him into thinking they may get back together after they separated. Because of this, he paid half the down payment on a new home for her. All the while, she had allegedly been in a new relationship with another man. Podesta points out that before their marriage she worked as a Hill staffer and earned $55,000 yearly. He said that he taught her about the business of lobbying, and when she started Heather Podesta & Partners in 2007, he provided her with introductions to high-profile clients. She earns millions per year, according to his brief.

Podesta also maintains that his future ex-wife changed the locks on an apartment they jointly own in Italy and wrote to various museums telling them that her husband should not be allowed to donate art to them. These alleged attempts, he said, might be a way to gain an upper hand financially.

In his divorce petition, Podesta asks to retain property such as real estate and art he accumulated before his marriage. He states that the rest should be equitably divided. If the Podestas fail to agree, then a judge will take on the task. Podesta said he hopes they can remain friendly toward each other.

An attorney may assist a couple to decide which assets are premarital and what is not. Once this occurs, all assets and debts are analyzed and distributed in an equitable manner. An attorney may offer guidance during this process. Source: The Washington Post, ‘Heather and Tony Podesta, married superlobbyists and art collectors, are separating,” 2013

Source: The Washington Post, “Tony Podesta divorce filing: wife Heather Podesta tried to ‘embarrass and harass’“, Emily Heil, April 03, 2014

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High-asset lobbyists divorce