Illinois spouses seeking divorce need to protect personal data

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As life online is ever-increasing, including how financial accounts are handled and the growth of social media, there is rising concern over who really has access to personal data. Illinois couples who are seeking a divorce should consider how much personal information their soon to be ex has access to and what that may mean. In other words, changing passwords can help prevent a lot of future issues.

It is well-known that sharing personal information online can be dangerous, particularly with strangers. However, an angry ex can also do a lot of damage if they still have access, especially for financial accounts. In a recent survey, 96 percent of adults claim to share their passwords with their partners, and only 32 percent have requested that their former partner delete this information at the end of a relationship.

To truly protect finances and personal data, changing passwords on personal accounts or limiting what can be seen by a spouse may be a smart move to make before initiating divorce proceedings. After divorce, removing an ex-spouse from accounts they are no longer responsible for or should have access to as soon as possible can help prevent any controversy. Checking credit reports, changing all pins, passwords and key phrases may not be at the top of the list as far as things that need to get done right away, but protecting financial interests is a vital necessity.

Divorce can bring about so many problems and concerns for couples in Illinois. Even the most amicable divorces can have issues that present themselves. Specific terms regarding financial and other marital accounts can be negotiated, mediated or litigated. Taking adequate legal steps to protect future financial interests and personal information can make the transition from married life to single life much easier to handle.

Source:, “Divorcing? Protect Your Finances, Personal Data“, Jason Alderman, July 15, 2014

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Illinois spouses seeking divorce need to protect personal data