Is love more valuable than money? Kobe and Vanessa reconcile

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In our last post, we speculated on the potential for Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss to incorporate a prenuptial agreement when they get married. Since they had been dating for more than a decade, share a home together, and are both financially secure, we believed that such a possibility would be remote. In essence, respect and mature minds would prevail if their marriage failed.

It is interesting how this scenario is playing out with two younger minds…Kobe and Vanessa Bryant. The Lakers shooting guard and his wife have reportedly reconciled and she has withdrawn her divorce petition. While many speculate that the prospect of a huge financial settlement coaxed Kobe into making the marriage work, others believe that their bond (and the exclusive lifestyle Vanessa would essentially forfeit) was enough to keep them together.

We don’t want to mislead our readers into believing that the two would be hurting for money if the divorce proceeded. Their property settlement would net both parties at least $50 million, as they were married without a prenuptial agreement. Also, given his current income, Kobe could have been responsible for paying upwards of $365,000 per month in spousal maintenance and more than $800,000 per month in spousal maintenance.

But even with the lucrative financial outcome, it appears that time has healed past wounds and solidifies the notion that the two were meant for each other. Sources close to the couple say that they don’t have friends or close relationships with others. Both have tenuous relationships with their respective families and do not allow others into their inner circle. Yet, at a recent Golden Globes party, they appeared blissfully content with each other.

Sometimes love is more valuable than money.

Source: The Daily, Why the Lakers Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa are staying together, January 17, 2013

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Is love more valuable than money? Kobe and Vanessa reconcile