Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin’s high-asset divorce

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A high-asset divorce can sometimes be complex and intense to work through, especially when a family is responsible for personal business ventures that may or may not have been shared. As an Illinois couple begins the process for their high-asset divorce, they may feel a combination of anxiety and determination when it comes to protecting their accomplishments. Recently, one wealthy couple — Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin — made the decision to end their decade-long marriage.

Ken Griffin, the billionaire executive who created Citadel Investments, was purportedly the one who filed for divorce from his wife, though the reason has not been released. The wealthy couple has separate business ventures as well as significant assets that may require intense negotiation while working toward a settlement. Many people in such a situation may make the decision to consult with specific specialists to review and analyze their financial situation.

Reports describe the couple as being politically involved, with Anne Dias Griffin maintaining an online political web site. She is also responsible for management of a hedge fund independent from her husband’s business ventures. A couple may divide their business assets, depending on what was created during the duration of the marriage and what may have been independently owned prior to the marriage.

Ken Griffith maintains a net worth of around $5.2 billion and has made an appearance on a published list for the world’s top wealthiest billionaires. His hedge fund is responsible for managing close to $20 billion worth of assets. The contrast in personal wealth may be taken into consideration while the courts determine a settlement for the high-asset divorce. An Illinois couple that is facing a serious change in personal business and finance due to a separation may seek out guidance to create a fair and equal division.

Source:, “Billionaire Ken Griffin breaking up with Reboot Illinois backer“, Robert Feder, July 24, 2014

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Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin’s high-asset divorce