Maintaining balance during an Illinois divorce

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Experiencing a divorce is enough for some people to feel like they are losing their mind. It can become all-consuming if couples aren’t careful. Despite popular belief that divorce has to take over every aspect of life until it is settled, Illinois spouses seeking a divorce can maintain balance and keep their sanity throughout the process if they are willing to work at it.

Divorce usually comes with a lot of stress. Working out asset settlements, child custody and support and/or alimony payments can create a lot of tension. Going into a divorce proceeding with realistic goals, but also with the willingness to negotiate, can prove helpful in achieving the best possible outcome. Choosing from the beginning what is important and what can be left behind will assist in reducing fights and emotional turmoil.

Remembering to take care of one’s physical and emotional well-being is also an important part of the process. Getting out to relieve stress with kids, alone or with adult friends, can help clear negative emotions. Not only with this help keep things calm at home, but it can help divorced couples move forward from their marriage on a positive note.

A significant part of the population will go through divorce at some time during their marriage — approximately 50 percent to be exact. It is a sad but true statistic. Maintaining balance may seem easier said than done, but trying to do so will certainly help divorcing couples in Illinois reduce stress and keep their sanity as they prepare to start the next phase of their lives.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Tips to Keeping Your Sanity in the Divorce Process“, Debbie Burgin, June 20, 2014

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Maintaining balance during an Illinois divorce