Missing Illinois woman and children found; may involve divorce

In a story that garnered some media attention, a missing Illinois woman and her two children were found in the Wisconsin Dells after taking an unannounced vacation. Days before, her husband appeared on television asking for their safe return. Yet, there appears to be more to the story than miscommunication, considering the woman had filed for divorce from her husband earlier in the year. In addition, this is not the first time the woman has disappeared from her husband, perhaps indicating that marital problems are behind this series of events.

Before she was reported missing she was visiting her parents, whom she had plans of moving in with. She left from their home to the Wisconsin Dells, reportedly taking her children on an impromptu vacation. Her husband, before attending the vigil in which he pleaded for their return, filed documents accusing his wife of leaving with their children to avoid setting visitation rights. More information on this confusing series of events will be released at a later date, but it appears to be obvious there is marital tension and child custody issues infused into the situation.

The issue of visitation rights and child custody can often be emotional and stressful. If it is true, per the husbands claims, that the woman left in order to avoid a hearing to set visitation rights, that might be indicative of a divorce that cannot be resolved through mediation. In these situations, going to court and having these issues settled by a judge is the likely outcome. When a judge determines child custody and support, a multitude of factors are considered, primarily focusing on protecting the children’s interests.

While the reasoning behind their actions is unknown, these events could highlight the emotional toll and complicated relationships that could cause problems for divorce proceedings if not properly handled.

Source: NY Daily News, “Missing Illinois woman and two children found safe,” Christine Roberts, Oct. 15, 2012

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Missing Illinois woman and children found; may involve divorce