Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are engaged

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When the Los Angeles Lakers decided to hire Mike D’Antoni (instead of Phil Jackson) to save their season, it got us to wonder which relationship was more complicated: Phil’s relationship with Lakers’ brass (i.e. Dr. Jerry Buss and his son, Jim) or his relationship with longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss (who also happens to be part of the Lakers’ ownership group.

It appears that Phil’s snub did not harm his relationship with Jeanie. Numerous news reports indicate that the two are engaged to be married. We also can’t help but to speculate as to whether there will be a long engagement. After all, the two have been dating since 1999 and reportedly share a home in Playa Del Rey. It also remains to be seen whet there will be a prenuptial agreement, given how long they have been involved and how much money they each have.

Nevertheless, people who decide to tie the knot after being in long-term relationships can use prenups. They are merely contracts that set forth each party’s positions on what will be deemed marital property (and separate property) in the event of a divorce. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be independently wealthy in order to have such an agreement.

In fact, couples who children (or grandchildren) from previous relationships, own separate property or business interests, or may be receiving an inheritance that could be used to purchase marital property should consider a prenup.

In order to be recognized under Illinois law, a prenup must satisfy several requirements. To learn more, contact an experienced family law attorney.

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Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are engaged