Rimes, Glanville feud goes to the airwaves

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In a prior post we commented on how the Twitter battle between LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville could be a significant distraction to their children, and that social media rants could be seen by a broader audience than what sender intended. We also said that their feud was not ending anytime soon and that it could be more damaging that it already is.

It appears that the feud has continued into the talk show circuit. During an interview on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” Glanville called Rimes “insane” when referencing her past actions with Glanville’s children that she had with Eddie Cibrian (who left Glanville for Rimes after a very public affair). Rimes fired back when appearing on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show.” When talking about their feud, she said, “I usually don’t engage, but there comes a time when you’re just like, ‘Screw you.'”

Indeed, the Rimes-Glanville feud is not the first (or last) of its kind, but it is unfortunate that neither person appears willing to see how such public rancor can affect children. Not only will these kids go through their young lives as fodder for gossip everywhere they go, they are not being shown proper examples of how disputes can be resolved without continuous bickering.

Most importantly, public feuds can support the notion that a parent does not have the maturity (or discipline) to care for a child. Continued spats can be used to support custody modification motions. Of course, not every motion based on these notions will be successful, but the cost and emotional energy to defend court actions is not worth the satisfaction of winning an argument.

Source: HuffingtonPost.com, LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville: 5 more stars who dissed their spouse’s ex, January 23, 2013

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Rimes, Glanville feud goes to the airwaves