Teen Allegedly Throws a Baby in the Trash; No Charges Filed Yet

There are few things more tragic in this world than a dead baby resulting from a teen pregnancy. This is made even more so by the sheer preventability of these situations by birth control, parental attention, adoption, and safe haven laws.

Late last week, a teen showed up to the hospital with “complications.” Of course, it was going to be obvious to any medical professional that she had recently given birth. She admitted that she had done so on Thursday of last week, two days before going to the hospital, reports ABC Chicago.

So what happened to the baby? According to WGN, the prematurely delivered child was allegedly put in a bag, then left in her trunk until she could dispose of the body in a dumpster at the Yorktown Center Mall in Lombard. Results of an autopsy on the baby are not yet available.

Unless the premature child died of natural causes, the unidentified teen mother could end up facing charges for the murder or manslaughter of her child. She also put her own life at risk by giving birth in her uncle’s apartment and not seeking treatment for two days.

Teen mothers should never feel like they have to do something this desperate. In Illinois, as in many other states, Safe Haven laws allow mothers of babies less than 30 days old to hand the child over, no questions asked, at police and fire stations or hospitals. She could have gone to the hospital, given birth, and walked out, baby and responsibility free.

If a mother chooses a hospital for a Safe Haven turnover, the hospital will provide medical care and give the parent the option of providing a family medical history for the baby’s records. No names are required. The family history is fully optional as well.

The hospital would have been the easy route. Instead, pending the results of the autopsy, she could be facing incarceration in a juvenile or adult facility, depending on her age and the crimes charged.

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Teen Allegedly Throws a Baby in the Trash; No Charges Filed Yet