The pros and cons of permanent alimony

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Illinois residents who get a divorce could be required to pay alimony for the rest of their or their spouse’s life. However, lawmakers in many states with permanent alimony laws are looking to change this. One of the main issues that supporters of changing these laws is that someone who has been married for only a decade could end up paying spousal support for 40 years or more. On the other hand, some say that changing these laws could end up having a disproportionately negative impact on women.

Many people who advocate changing current alimony laws want to tie the amount of alimony required to the length of a marriage. This way, someone who divorces when they are young will not be saddled with alimony payments for the rest of their life. Additionally, individuals who want to see the law changed point out that alimony has no time limit or requirements in the way that welfare and unemployment do.

However, changing the law to limit the length of alimony payments could end up harming women. Since women are often the ones who gets custody of children in a divorce, they often have greater financial needs. According to research from the book “The Divorce Revolution,” following a divorce, men see their standard of living rise by an average of 42 percent while women see theirs drop by an average of 70 percent.

People going through a divorce may want to speak with an attorney to help ensure that alimony payments are determined equitably. An attorney could help someone understand state laws and represent them in court if the need arose.

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