Types of people who may need a prenup

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Our previous posts have touched upon high-profile prenuptial agreements (i.e. the potential prenup between Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss) as well as the best time to introduce such an agreement (well ahead of the wedding date).

This post on prenuptial agreements focuses on potential mates; essentially, the types of men and women who would be best served by having a contract.

Mr. or Ms. “Fear of Comittment”– Men and women who steadfastly pronounce their love for their significant other, only to shrink like violets when marriage becomes a discussion topic. A prenup would be a prudent idea since the ambivalence about marriage may be a forecast on what the marriage would be like. The first inkling of trouble may cause this person to bolt…even after saying “I do.”

Mr. or Ms. “Married at 50 for the First Time” – These men and women are well-established, have built fortunes on their own, and have become accustomed to having their own things. If the relationship goes south, they want to leave the marriage with what they brought in. A prenuptial agreement would detail what would be considered marital property as opposed to separate property, which would expedite the asset division process.

Mr. or Ms. “Love me some Me” – Narcissists are compelling creatures. They go out of their way to promote themselves, and this is why they appear so attractive. However, when it comes to returning the favor, they are hamstrung and wonder why they have relationship issues. A prenup would be valuable when marrying Mr. or Ms. “Love me some Me” because they are claim that mostly everything in the marriage should be theirs after a divorce.

With these types of people, prenuptial agreements can turn into complicated issues. Consulting an attorney is a great idea.

Source: HuffingtonPost.com, 10 types of men who won’t marry you, March 18, 2013

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Types of people who may need a prenup