Why Illinois couples should choose collaborative divorce

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Divorce is seldom an amicable experience for both parties involved. For many, it’s a negative life changing event that can cause intense emotional distress. But for couples in Barrington, Illinois, and throughout the country, the process can be more amicable. Those who have decided to end their marriages can sit in the driver’s seat with a trending option called collaborative divorce.

Divorce has often been known to be a combative process involving two individuals who are desperately trying to get as much as possible. This does not have to be the case anymore. In the 21st century, Illinois residents can choose the less adversarial option known as collaborative divorce. Through negotiations and cooperation, this option offers a more civil and straightforward process as opposed to mainstream divorce. Although sometimes difficult to achieve, collaborative law treats divorce like a business transaction, removing the emotional side out of it.

It works by arranging both spouses and their attorneys to meet in a neutral setting to begin the negotiation process. From there they attempt to begin a positive discussion with the final goal of reaching an agreeable resolution. This method of divorce has been around since the 1990’s and has helped copious amounts of couples reach a beneficial agreement in their divorce. It doesn’t always turn out perfect but can leave many couples with their dignity and a sense of closure. The process can be quicker and less expensive as well.

Any Barrington, Illinois, couple that feels like this process could work for them should seek out the help of someone who has experience in collaborative law. Divorce can be a long and nebulous process involving lots of negativity. However, it doesn’t always have to end that way if the couple is willing to work together to create a mutual agreement.

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Why Illinois couples should choose collaborative divorce