Why you should consider collaborative divorce

If you are considering divorce, there are many concerns that may keep you up at night. After all, divorce is a major life change with a number of major legal implications. Add in the prospect of considerable emotional fallout (because of potential battles over custody, child support and property division) and you may start to understand why so many divorced couples hate each other after the process is over.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of the traditional, adversarial approach to divorce, more attorneys are advising clients to participate in collaborative divorces. As the name suggests, this process focuses on sharing and incorporating differing ideas, and embracing compromise. This largely eliminates the acrimony and resentment that often comes with adversarial divorces.

There are a number of benefits to collaborative divorce, including:

More control over the process – In court hearings and depositions, parties usually do not have a free voice to express themselves. In the collaborative process, personal input is suggested.

Less stress and anxiety – Instead of worrying about how the court will view them (or what they will lose in the divorce) the collaborative process is about creating mutually beneficial outcomes.

Commitment to compromise – Attorneys pledge to help parties reach agreements instead of looking for opportunities to advance a party’s legal arguments. They cannot represent the same parties in court if no agreement is reached.

Cost effective and efficient – The collaborative process is less expensive than traditional litigation, and since the process can be completed in just a few meetings, it is generally quicker than litigating a divorce through the court system.

If you have more questions about collaborative divorce, an experienced family law attorney can advise you.

Source: CollaborativeDivorce.net, Seven reasons to choose collaborative attorneys

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Why you should consider collaborative divorce