Doctor commits 38 mistakes during surgery, suit alleges

Though most medical professionals are just that — professional — some in Cook, Illinois, may not have their patients in mind all of the time. If a doctor loses her or his focus, it is possible for mistakes to occur. This may be what happened in the case of one woman who recently filed a lawsuit against a physician. The physician had his medical license suspended after at least two of his patients passed away following a surgical procedure he performed on them. According to the lawsuit, the physician was distracted and may even have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he committed his surgical errors.

The female patient who filed a malpractice suit against the physician went in for a posterior lumbar interbody fusion. The procedure, which stops motion and limits friction between two vertebrae, is designed to relieve pain for the patient. But instead of having the procedure go as planned, the woman ended up confined to a wheelchair. According to the suit, more than three dozen errors were made. Thousands of dollars were needed to repair the mistakes committed by this physician, with the necessary procedures being conducted by a different individual. This other physician wrote a letter about the mistakes, which is included with the woman’s claim.

Reports from the surgical team indicate that the physician seemed distracted and even left the operating room at one point. According to allegations, the man may have been drunk or high during the procedure. Concerns were expressed about the treatment being given to the patient but the physician did not acknowledge them. The suit says that one of the mistakes included a severed spinal nerve that was damaged with a screw during the operation.

Luckily, the particular physician in this case is located in Texas, however, this physician could just have easily been living in Illinois. This is why patients should be on their guard when entering the hospital or going in for any surgical procedure. Medical malpractice can happen to any one and if you believe that you have been a victim of it, you should seek legal counsel from an attorney as soon as possible.

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Doctor commits 38 mistakes during surgery, suit alleges