Family creates safety guide after losing mother to medical error

Medical errors are devastating. Our Chicago medical malpractice law blog has discussed numerous tragic stories involving patients who have suffered permanent or fatal injuries due to hospital negligence, doctors’ mistakes, nursing home abuse and surgical errors. Patients certainly suffer when medical mistakes are made, but families suffer, too.

Families are not physically harmed by a loved one’s negligence-related injuries or wrongful death, but families certainly feel the emotional and financial consequences of such devastating errors. Although medical malpractice victims and their families may be able to seek compensation for their injuries and suffering, families understand that they will never be compensated enough to make up for what has happened to them.

For some families, the only way to move on with their lives after a serious or fatal medical mistake is to make sure changes are made to prevent other families from having to go through a similar experience.

One family who lost their mother after she suffered fatal complications from a medication error has since created a foundation in honor of their wife and mother. The foundation’s mission is to provide other families with the knowledge and resources they need to make sure their loved ones are receiving proper care while in the hospital.

The family’s wife and mother died from a preventable medication error after having knee surgery. The woman’s surgery went well, but she had been given too much pain medication after the operation. Before the patient was administered the pain medications, her family had questioned the combination of drugs. The family was told the combination of drugs would not be harmful; however, the family now wishes they would have continued asking questions about the prescribed medications.

In an effort to prevent other families from going through similar experiences, the woman’s family has since created a guide for patients and families to use when receiving medical treatment. The guide is meant to help families know which questions they should be asking doctors about a patient’s care and treatment. A hard copy of the guide is available for purchase, but starting next month the foundation will make the guide available as an app on iTunes.

Even though the family was not able to prevent their loved one from suffering from a medical mistake, the family hopes that their efforts to increase patient safety will benefit other families.

Source: NBC Right Now, “Family trying to reduce preventable medical errors after tragedy,” Anthony Sanzeri, Feb. 19, 2013

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Family creates safety guide after losing mother to medical error