Family of Worker Killed in Acid Explosion Sues Company

Last year, Carlos Centeno Sr. died after suffering severe acid burns while working in a Raani Corp. factory in Bedford Park.

Now Centeno’s family is suing Raani Corp. for negligence, the Chicago Tribune reports. According to the suit, Raani’s managers failed to provide adequate emergency care for Centeno after the incident.

Centeno was cleaning a tank at the factory in November when citric acid exploded from the container. Nearly 80 percent of Centeno’s body was burned, according to the lawsuit.

After the accident, Raani managers intentionally didn’t call 911 or send Centeno to the hospital, the suit alleges. More than thirty minutes after the incident, Centeno was taken to a health clinic by a co-worker, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He died three weeks later.

A wrongful death suit would allow Centeno’s survivors to receive compensation for their loss. Such suits are generally brought by the family of a person who was killed due to the negligence of another person or employer.

Centeno’s family has a good case for negligence per se here, since the OSHA cited the company for safety violations and fined it more than $400,000 after an investigation brought on by Centeno’s death. Under the doctrine of negligence per se, an act or failure to act is considered negligent because it violates a law or regulation.

If successful, Centeno’s family will be able to collect damages for their loss of financial support, funeral and medical costs, and loss of consortium. Centeno had been working for Raani for about a year at the time of the accident.

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