Hospital negligence can include diagnosis, treatment delays

Chicago doctors sometimes have to rule out illnesses or diseases before an accurate patient diagnosis is made. A patient may undergo tests or procedures to narrow the possibilities of certain health conditions, especially when symptoms are vague or common. Cook County patients can become frustrated when doctors take too long to diagnose symptoms. Some doctors move carefully to avoid a misdiagnosis, but waiting too long can cause patient injuries or deaths.

A 62-year-old man was so troubled by the treatment he received at a southern military veterans’ hospital that he opted to seek outside care. The man fears the delays and conflicts he had with the Veterans Affairs hospital have allowed his health to suffer.

While he was in the Air Force in the 1970s, the man was diagnosed with a condition that destroys skeletal muscles and spills a protein into the blood that may cause severe kidney problems. The condition persisted and worsened in 2011. He was admitted to the VA hospital for several days and was ordered to undergo regular kidney dialysis. Doctors failed to schedule follow up visits and ended the dialysis by year’s end.

In June 2012, the veteran started to feel pain and discovered blood in his urine. Early last year, a CT scan revealed that the man’s bladder was distended. Doctors performed surgery after a bladder tumor was detected during a cystoscopy.

The VA claimed that the patient was tumor- and cancer-free, although the veteran still had disturbing symptoms. After visiting an outside doctor and undergoing more tests, multiple kidney tumors were found. VA doctors finally agreed that a second operation was necessary, but the unnerved cancer patient canceled the surgery in favor of non-government treatment.

Veterans who have been harmed by VA hospital negligence may file for compensation under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The attorney you choose to represent you should have extensive experience with government medical liability claims.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, “Delayed care has one Augusta VA patient fearing for his life” Wesley Brown, Jan. 14, 2014

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Hospital negligence can include diagnosis, treatment delays