How long will your medical malpractice suit take to be resolved?

When a Chicago doctor makes a mistake while caring for you, the outcome of his or her negligence may have drastic effects on your life.

While no one wants to go through a medical malpractice lawsuit, you may need to in order to recover expenses for medical bills and receive compensation for other damages. The damages have already occurred and the legal system is the best way to recover any damages the medical system may have inflicted on you or a loved one.

On average, a doctor is sued by his or her patients once every seven years. With the number of doctors in this country increasing, there is a good chance that you or a loved one might currently be involved in a medical malpractice lawsuit or thinking about taking legal action after suffering injuries that could have been avoided or prevented by a doctor.

Harmed patients and their families should understand that medical malpractice lawsuits are complex and often involve a very lengthy process. Patients may not be able to file a lawsuit until two years have passed since a medical error was made. Once a lawsuit is filed, patients may need to wait an additional two to three years before their cases are resolved. If their cases go to trial, they may need to wait even longer to have their cases resolved.

The average amount of time a doctor spends engulfed in lawsuits during their careers is 50.7 months. This number increases for neurosurgeons, oncologists, and cardiovascular practitioners who have an added level of complexity involved in their medical procedures.

Because claims take such a long time to be resolved, patients and families suing for malpractice have to endure the stress of a lengthy legal battle as well as the financial consequences of a medical mistake. However, victims of medical malpractice do not have to fight this battle on their own. Victims may seek legal counsel from an attorney who not only understands the legal system but also understands what families are going through and how to protect their rights and interests.

Source: Forbes, “Medical Malpractice: Broken Beyond Repair?” Robert Glatter, Feb. 6, 2013

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How long will your medical malpractice suit take to be resolved?