Major award given to boy for disability in malpractice suit

The hospital is not often a place where patients expect traumatic and life-changing injuries to occur. But from time to time, the mistakes made by medical professionals in Cook, Illinois, can alter the course of a person’s life. Some may become paralyzed; others may suffer serious brain damage. Of course, other minor injuries may occur. Regardless, these injuries can get in the way of everyday life and must be addressed: This is why medical malpractice lawsuits are filed.

A major suit involving a six-year-old child has come to a conclusion. According to reports, he was awarded more than $5 million for the improper treatment he and his mother received when he was born. Accusations from the suit suggest the medical team did not properly perform a cesarean section in time to prevent serious consequences from happening. Due to the delay, the six-year-old boy was severely disabled. His parents believe he will never be able to live an independent life, all because of a birth injury.

Soon after he was born, the boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Remarks in court indicated the child has extreme visual impairment and will struggle with lifelong learning difficulties. The mismanagement of his birth reportedly led to this diagnosis and it seems the procedure went so poorly the hospital even admitted liability. Lawyers for the boy and his family said that had the cesarean section been performed earlier, all of this could have been avoided. The boy’s brain would not have been cut off from oxygen, he would not have developed his conditions and no suit would have been filed. That’s not how it went, though, and the award will cost the defendant.

A portion of the award – a little less than half – will be provided in a lump sum. The rest will be provided on an annual basis to make sure the boy’s care is paid for when needed. If you have become injured or disabled due to a hospital error, reach out to a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice.

Source: Coventry Telegraph, “Boy awarded ?3.8million compensation after Coventry University Hospital error” Cara Simpson, Jun. 14, 2013

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Major award given to boy for disability in malpractice suit