Nursing Home Pressure Sore Injuries

Some Chicago nursing facilities concede that there are times when patients develop pressure sores while in their care. Even though this is not uncommon, it should not be accepted as simply part of what people go through as they grow older. The reality of the situation is simple: such facilities are not paying as much attention to their patients as they should be. The end results are nursing home pressure sore injuries.

Another more common name for these types of injuries is bed sores. The conditions causing nursing home pressure sore injuries are not only avoidable, but actually do not cost the facility more revenue to prevent. Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Dehydrated or malnourished patients.
  • Patients sedated through medications for long periods of time.
  • Patients who soil themselves and are forced to sit in it for any length of time.
  • Patients who are left in wheelchairs, or even their beds for too long.

When Chicago nursing homes take patients into their care, they have a legal responsibility to provide care that lives up to health and safety standards in the industry for their residents. If facilities are not providing this care to their patients, no matter how soon it is after their admission into the facility, they could be held liable in civil court. Even if nursing home pressure sore injuries occur despite a high standard of quality care, the facility must nonetheless begin active treatments according to reasonable standards of care to ensure healing begins promptly.

Unfortunately, rather than focusing on the care of patients, sometimes facilities are looking at their profit margins instead. The industry does include undertrained and understaffed facilities, which typically leads to poor patient care in such cases.

Families of these patients, as well as the patients themselves, do have legal recourse in this situation. First, fact gathering must occur. Patients, or their family members, should scrutinize some of the following factors:

  • Did nursing homes act according to standards to prevent the development of pressure sore injuries?
  • Did the patient develop pressure sores as a result of treatments that couldn’t be helped, or are they the result of patient neglect?
  • Are patient care charts and files available for perusal upon request to ensure patient care is regular and on schedule?

There is no discounting the fact that working in a nursing home facility in Chicago does have its challenges. However, staff members of the facility are legally required to remain diligent and committed to meeting requisite standards of care for all patients.