Patients’ injuries not always caused by obvious medical mistakes

Some medical errors are more obvious than other types of medical mistakes. Although Chicago patients may be entitled to obtain compensation for their injuries and other damages resulting from medical mistakes, Illinois patients don’t always know when medical errors are made and doctors don’t always tell their patients when medical malpractice does happen.

In September, Connexion magazine published an article that describes some medical mistakes that are not commonly considered by patients to be forms of medical malpractice. When patients overlook these errors, they could end up paying for additional medical expenses or bills that they should not be responsible for.

One mistake harmed patients tend to overlook is administrative negligence. In one case, a family’s newborn had suffered a brain injury from jaundice. The family later discovered that the jaundice had mistakenly gone untreated because the hospital had failed to implement effective policies and procedures for evaluating, testing and treating newborns for jaundice. The family ended up reaching a multi-million dollar settlement with the facility and several medical professionals who could have prevented their child’s brain injury.

Another mistake that patients might never consider is whether a certain doctor should have even been allowed to treat them at all. In one case, an anesthesiologist who was under the influence of drugs had failed to correctly administer medication to a patient during a procedure. The anesthesiologist was sued for medical negligence, but so was a former colleague who had written a positive letter of recommendation about the doctor, even though he had suspected his colleague had a drug problem.

When patients believe that they have been harmed as a result of medical malpractice, they may want to consider consulting an attorney in order to learn more about protecting their rights and whether or not they may be entitled to recover compensation for their injuries. Medical malpractice lawsuits are complex, especially when medical mistakes are subtle and when more than one medical professional or facility is responsible for a victim’s pain and suffering.

Source: American Medical News, “‘End-run’ lawsuits can blindside physicians,” Alicia Gallegos, Oct. 22, 2012

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Patients’ injuries not always caused by obvious medical mistakes