Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital Announces Partnership with Global Agency

La Rabida Hospital

Kristen McGirk, AbelsonTaylor; Luke Perez, AbelsonTaylor; Janet Haines, La Rabida Children’s; Chris James, La Rabida Children’s; Scott Hansen, AbelsonTaylor; Mitch Apley, AbelsonTaylor; and Ashwin Chugh, AbelsonTaylor.

La Rabida  Children’s Hospital provides its severe illnesses or traumatic injury patients with special care and to help spread the word, the hospital has announced it’s new partnership with global advertising agency Abelson Taylor.

“We’re extremely pleased to partner with AbelsonTaylor,” said Janet Haines, vice president for fund development and external affairs at La Rabida in a news release.

The agency formed a committee called “heartsATwork” for it’s cause-related initiatives. Members connect with nonprofits and work closely with those organizations who might have difficulty locating large corporate donors. Last year, AbelsonTaylor was able to donate more than $250,000, on top of thousands of volunteer hours to several nonprofit groups.

“Their heartsATwork team has presented some innovative ways to communicate with our community and we’re excited to launch this partnership,” said Haines.

AbelsonTaylor is one of the largest independent healthcare advertising agencies in the world.

“La Rabida is the only hospital of its kind in Chicago,” said Kristen McGirk, AbelsonTaylor’s team leader for “heartsATwork” in a news release. “Their family-centered approach to care truly makes a difference in the children’s outcome, and that’s a story worth telling,” she said.

La Rabida services children who need:

·      Transitional care following hospitalization for premature  birth, traumatic injury, surgery or cancer treatment

·      Early invention to minimize the risk of developmental delays

·      Rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy

·      Medical management of a chronic illness

·      Technology to help them breathe, swallow, or move or provide nutrition

La Rabida Children’s Hospital is a privately owned, not-for-profit 501-C corporation whose mission is to provide unwavering care to children with traumatic and lifelong medical conditions. The hospital, which is located in Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan in historic Jackson Park, serves approximately 7,500 children annually who require primary and specialty care to address complex and challenging medical conditions. Services and programs include treatment for chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, and sickle cell disease, and developmental disabilities. In addition, La Rabida specializes in the treatment of children who have been abused or neglected or have experienced trauma. For more information visit

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Chicago’s La Rabida Children’s Hospital Announces Partnership with Global Agency