7 Ways to Prevent Furniture Tip-Over Injuries at Home

Andrew Lu

When you think of dangers in your home, you may think of gas leaks and deteriorating stairs. However, one of the greatest safety risks in your home may be furniture tip-over accidents involving bookcases, shelves, and television stands.

According to the CPSC, one child dies in a furniture tip-over accident every two weeks. This can include children who climb on top of shelves or television stands and knock these objects over. An old television or bookshelf can weigh 40 to 50 pounds, and can easily crush a small child.

Furniture tip-over accidents are tragic both because they have the potential to be so deadly and also because they are usually preventable.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently sent out a warning about the risk of furniture tip-over accidents to help publicize the problem. Her warning follows recent reports of children being injured and killed after climbing on unsecured furniture, including dressers, night stands, and bookshelves.

Since 2011, it was announced that at least four Illinois children were killed in furniture tip-over accidents. In addition, each year an estimated 22,800 children under the age of 9 go to emergency rooms because of injuries caused by unsecured furniture, televisions, and appliances.

So it is important for parents to be aware of these problems and to take steps to secure their furniture. Some steps parents can take, as relayed by the Attorney General, include:

  1. Anchoring furniture to the wall or floor.
  2. Placing televisions on sturdy, low-base stands.
  3. Keeping remote controls, toys, and other items of interest to children off television stands and other wobbly furniture.
  4. Keeping television and cable cords out of reach of children.
  5. Ensuring that freestanding kitchen ranges and stoves are installed with anti-tip brackets.
  6. Balancing tall furniture to make sure they are not too top-heavy.
  7. Exercising common sense when it comes to home safety.

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7 Ways to Prevent Furniture Tip-Over Injuries at Home