Annealed or tempered glass? The choice matters

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Glass is glass, right? When it comes to constructing a commercial building or replacing a broken window or door, does it really matter what type of glass is used? Two of the options property owners have are annealed glass and tempered safety glass. For those that may wonder what the difference is, we will discuss a news team’s visit to a testing facility.

Investigators with KDKA went to Farabaugh Engineering and Testing with Mark Meshulam, a glass and window safety specialist who is often called to testify in premises liability cases. Meshulam showed the team a little experiment using a 100 pound weighted bag designed to mimic the size of a young boy. When the bag hit the two different types of glass, the results were drastically dissimilar.

The bag struck the window made of annealed glass, shattering it into pieces. When it hit the tempered safety glass with the same force, it simply bounced off. Meshulam told the news reporters that the tempered glass was approximately “four or five times stronger than annealed glass.”

Strength isn’t the only feature that makes the tempered glass a much safer choice. When the annealed glass breaks, it doesn’t just create a mess for a store owner to clean up. The shards of glass are “razor sharp,” said Meshulam.

Readers of our Chicago, IL Personal Injury Law Firm Blog don’t have to just take his word for it either. It takes only one look at the premises liability cases that have been filed after the wrong glass was chosen.

In Chicago, a man put his weight on a storefront window he was standing near. It shattered, and the glass cut his body so severely that the bleeding couldn’t be stopped in time for life-saving treatment. In another case, a woman and her friend rested against a hotel window, it broke and one woman fell out. In a recent case from June 2013, another man opened the door to a sandwich shop in Pennsylvania when it exploded. The glass caused severe lacerations to his face and body.

After hearing the victims’ stories, there is likely no longer a need to answer the question “does it matter?”

Source: CBS, “How Safe Is The Glass Used in Doors And Windows?” Nov. 11, 2013

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Annealed or tempered glass? The choice matters