Attorney attempts to reopen products liability suit against GM

On behalf of Mike Clancy

Though General Motors settled a wrongful death lawsuit pertaining to its ignition switches, the attorney for the plaintiffs would like to see this matter reopened. It is alleged that GM withheld vital information that may have prevented the plaintiffs from settling this lawsuit.

GM has recalled 2.59 million cars concerning purported problems with the ignition switch. In the above lawsuit, a 29-year-old woman driving a 2005 Chevy Cobalt was killed in a crash when the Cobalt inexplicably lost its power and a crash then ensued.

The lawsuit was originally settled in September. However, plaintiffs allege that a GM engineer lied under oath concerning design changes that were made regarding the ignition switches. The plaintiff’s attorney stated that his clients “would not have settled this case if they had known of the perjury and concealment of critical evidence.”

Courts are generally reluctant to reopen settled personal injury cases. Therefore there will likely be a high burden of proof on the part of the plaintiffs to demonstrate why this matter should be revisited.

There have been a large number of products liability lawsuits filed concerning these ignition switches. A large number of these lawsuits have dealt with deaths or serious injuries and we can expect more to be filed in the future. That GM has already taken the steps of having 2.59 million cars recalled at least indicates that the company is concerned about the consequences of more lawsuits.

As practicing products liability attorneys in Chicago, we understand how complex these sorts of lawsuits can be. This is especially true when representing injured people taking on companies as large as GM. Companies often attempt to shift the blame or deny any wrongdoing. If certain actions are not taken against the company, it’s not always clear how much companies would do to make their products safer.

Source: Claims Journal, “Lawyer Wants to Revive GM Ignition Switch Death Lawsuit,” Patrick G. Lee, May 14, 2014

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Attorney attempts to reopen products liability suit against GM