Chicago widow sues over car accident

Chicago residents know that victims of a car accident and their family members often have long road to recovery. The victims may suffer injuries that leave them unable to work or complete their daily activities. It can take years to recover from a serious injury caused by an auto accident .

The victims or their family members might choose to sue the responsible party to recovery money to pay for medical bills or lost wages. Sometimes it can take years for these lawsuits to be completed.

Recently, the widow of a Chicago car accident victim filed a lawsuit against the driver of the car that killed her husband and the insurance company. The victim was killed almost a year ago when a car struck him while he was crossing the street. The lawsuit alleges that the driver was driving above the speed limit and failed to slow down to avoid the car collision.

The lawsuit also includes allegations against the insurance company. The complaint alleges that the insurance company sold the car involved in the accident, even though the car should have been preserved as evidence for the lawsuit. The complaint further alleges that the insurance company told the widow that the car had been preserved for inspection.

For victims of car accidents, dealing with the insurance company can seem like a big hassle. The victims are often unsure of where to start and do not always know their options. The first thing to remember when dealing with an insurance company is to make copies of everything and to keep detailed notes for the accident investigation. These notes include information about the accident, what happened, who was there and conversations with the insurance company. It is important to call the insurance company right away and to be truthful about what happened.

While victims of car accidents have had their whole lives turned upside down and are afraid of the process, they need not be. An experienced attorney can help to guide them through the difficult time.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Widow of man killed by car in Wheaton last year sues,” Jennifer Delgado, Nov. 9, 2012

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Chicago widow sues over car accident