Fireworks accident causes serious personal injury

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The pageantry of the 4th of July is unrivaled by most other national holidays. In Chicago and across the country, Americans experience a surge of patriotism for the nation and partake in traditional events that celebrate the country’s independence. One of the most iconic events that people experience is witnessing a fireworks display.

While most fireworks shows are exciting and colorful demonstrations of controlled explosions, an unsanctioned display in the city’s Southwest Side Park experienced serious problems and left two women with extensive personal injuries. At approximately 10:30 in the evening of July 4th the two women were watching the show when a firework landed in front of them instead of shooting into the air. The firework exploded and completely removed one of the women’s feet and caused the other woman to experience serious tissue damage and burns.

The two women were taken to a local hospital where the woman whose foot was blown off had her leg amputated. While it appears that both women were the victims of an accident, they will face long recoveries to heal from their serious injuries.

Family members of the victims state that attending the local fireworks show is a tradition though some claim they will probably not watch such events again after the trauma that their relatives faced. Local law enforcement officials responded to several other fireworks-related emergencies over the holiday, though the injuries suffered by these two victims were the most severe.

A cause for the accident is unknown, though it is noted that the fireworks display that injured the woman was not an authorized event. Should a cause be determined, the victims of this accident may have legal rights to seek compensation against any responsible parties.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “2 sisters-in-law injured when firework explodes at their feet,” Jodi S. Cohen, July 5, 2013

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Fireworks accident causes serious personal injury