Head-on collision injures 4 Chicago roller derby teammates

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A 29-year-old woman who survived a recent Chicago crash is concerned about her wife’s health and the couple’s medical expenses. The women were in the back seat of a minivan when it was struck head-on by a car. One woman’s collar bone was broken; her 30-year-old spouse suffered brain trauma.

Four women – all members of the Windy City Rollers headed to a roller derby awards ceremony – were injured in the collision.The legs of a teammate in the front passenger seat were crushed.

Details about the driver of the Ford that hit the minivan, circumstances surrounding the mid-December crash and the police investigators’ version of events were not forthcoming. A supplementary report in redeyechicago.com indicated the Ford driver had been trying to avoid police.

The injured married couple is insured, but the woman with the fractured collar bone is worried the coverage isn’t enough to pay all the bills. Donations are being collected through the roller derby franchise to defray medical costs for the injured teammates.

Settlements and damages are often paid by an at-fault driver’s insurance company rather than by a defendant out-of-pocket. Legal support allows victims to avoid mistakes, like settling for less than they are rightfully due.

Source: DNAinfo Chicago, “Windy City Rollers' Star Badly Hurt in Head-On Crash on Way to Awards Night” Josh McGhee, Dec. 20, 2013

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Head-on collision injures 4 Chicago roller derby teammates