Instead of Frying the Turkey, How About Baking or Infrared-ing it?

Frying a turkey is dangerous. You’ve got a partially frozen turkey, dripping with icy water, and an overfilled fryer with an exposed flame. Even if the oil doesn’t overflow and catch fire, the spatter from the cold water and hot oil is sure to burn your appendages. We won’t even talk about the relatively low flash point of oil that could lead to spontaneous ignition.

There are safer ways to cook a turkey. For one, there’s the traditional method of baste-and-bake. Sure, you’ll have to re-baste it in its own juices every twenty minutes, or else risk turkey-leather, but at least the oven is far less likely to explode and burn your house down. Because that just leads to lawsuits and tears.

Besides ovens and fryers, there’s a new device: the infrared fryer. It looks like an oil based fryer. Supposedly, it produces steamy, juicy turkey much faster than an oven. It sounds like the best of both worlds.

The devices are propane powered. The heat from the propane fire is somehow reflected using infrared magic (we’re lawyers, not physicists) onto the turkey. Plus, one would presume that an oil-less cook would also provide health benefits.

Does it work? At least one foodie blogger wrote a positive review of the device. How about you? If you’ve used one of these, the hungry epicurious folks at FindLaw would like to hear from you on our Facebook page.

The only downside, it seems, is the expense. The infrared fryers run about $100 plus propane. The old-fashioned fryers run about $20 plus propane. Granted, the extra cost might be worth the reduced risk of massive fires and death, but to each his own, right?

If you do decide to stay fried, check out our tips for safely frying a turkey. Even the best personal injury attorneys can’t cure third degree burns and rebuild garages (though they’d certainly file a lawsuit to try). Besides, the doctrine of assumption of risk states that if you know something is dangerous, and do it anyway, you’ve assumed the risk that you’ll be deep fried.

Consider yourself warned.

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Instead of Frying the Turkey, How About Baking or Infrared-ing it?