iPhone so ‘hot’ it catches fire in student’s pocket

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The different iPhones, iPads and iPods have become immensely popular products amongst consumers. These little devices can do a lot, and some of the device capabilities might even surprise or amaze the user. Bursting into flames was most likely not one of these intended features, but that is exactly what happened when one 13-year-old girl sat on her cellphone.

According to a GEEK report, the young girl had obtained one of the latest devices, the iPhone 5C. She had only owned the phone for two months when she slipped it into the back pocket of her pants. When she sat down in her desk, she drew the attention of her peers when a popping sound began emanating from her backside. That sound was then followed by smoke and fire.

The fire was coming from the girl’s cellphone, but “stop, drop and roll” didn’t immediately put out the flames that were protected by the fabric layers. By the time the phone was removed from her pocket, the girl had already suffered second-degree burns and was taken to the local hospital for treatment.

Cellphone fires aren’t a new problem. There have already been several reported cases, but most instances the phone had been altered in some way. For example, the user may have added a third-party battery or used a power cord that wasn’t intended for the specific device. That didn’t seem to be the situation in this case, and authors of the report suggested that this may even have been an isolated incident.

In some products liability cases in Chicago, there is a flaw in the overall design of the product, affecting thousands or even millions of devices. However, a claim does not have to be based on a widespread issue. There are instances in which only a few or even a single product is defective, causing injury to the consumer.

Source: Geek, “iPhone 5C catches fire in child’s back pocket causing severe burns,” Russell Holly, Feb. 3, 2014

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iPhone so ‘hot’ it catches fire in student’s pocket