Is brain miscalculation to blame for some motorcycle accidents?

On behalf of Casey Woodruff

There is no question that any motor vehicle accident has the potential to end tragically. While this is true regardless of the type of vehicles involved, it is particularly true when the vehicle hit is a motorcycle. In such a situation, it is possible that the injuries suffered by the individual on the motorcycle could be severe, affecting portions of the body such as the spine or the brain. In the worst cases these injuries could lead to death.

A common reason cited by drivers of cars and trucks that hit motorcycles, in the Chicago area and beyond, is that they did not see them. Due to the difference in size between the various vehicles, in some situations this is believable. Recently a scientist based in another state conducted a study that supports this contention. The study determined that for the average person, small objects may seem to be further away than they actually are. More specifically, the woman offers that when a person sees a motorcycle, his or her brain perceives it as being farther away than it actually is. This could lead the driver of the car to make decisions on the road that are not sound, resulting in a collision.

Whatever the reason behind a motorcycle accident, the injured rider, or, in the case of death his or her loved ones, could decide to file a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. In these instances it is usually beneficial to work with a lawyer who is familiar with such cases.

start.jpgSource:, “TTU Psychology Study: Motorcycle Accidents May Be Linked to Brain Miscalculation of Distance,” Sept. 9, 2013

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Is brain miscalculation to blame for some motorcycle accidents?